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New To Packaging Equipment?

The one thing I notice when dealing with customers who are new to packaging machinery is that they have trouble distinguishing North American made equipment from machinery made offshore. It's not any fault of their own, the problem is that there are so many companies claiming to build this equipment when really it's imported and re-branded with their logo. Keep in mind this is a common practice in almost every industry. However that being said, packaging machinery isn't a small investment. I see lots of people rushing into buying equipment from the most easily found sellers, I use the term sellers because most of them are re-sellers. I've come to realize that the best OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in this industry don't necessarily need to advertise - they are busy selling to existing customers and don't constantly need to find new ones. Being an OEM ourselves and dealing with other true manufacturers; it's frustrating to hear or get a call from someone only to find out about their past purchase or purchases being re-branded offshore at extreme mark-ups and/or not receiving proper training, service or in most cases paying more than the OEM's list price.

Not all these re-sellers are re-branding offshore either some of it is North American made but in most cases they are re-branding so that they can add a higher mark-up without the end user knowing the true manufacturer and list price. This is where value comes in. Its extremely important to not overpay on a machines value.

Its important that when you are buying a piece of equipment that will help your business increase capacity and grow. That you are buying something that will last and give you a great return on investment.


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