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About Us

Family Owned & Operated for over 35 years.

With decades of experience spanning multiple generations and a family with a deep history in the food and beverage industry; Galick Packaging Equipment has become a staple in the industry for those who are looking for a partner to grow with. Through knowledge and experience we provide quality equipment at exceptional value.

Galick Packaging Equipment is a manufacturer of in-line filling machinery, industry leading conveyance and is a single source provider for all of your equipment needs. On top of being an OEM and systems integrator, we work with our customers from the initial concept phase to build the best packaging line to suit your application and budget. Our professionals use AutoCAD to design your line from start to finish. We help you select the most appropriate equipment for your application and support you through each phase of your project including line design, sample testing, manufacturing, installation and service support.

The Industries We Serve.

Galick Packaging Equipment specializes in a number of industries including food, beverage, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical.

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